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Detoxifying Elastic Scrub

Detoxifying elastic scrub

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    Thick, soft and supple. Application of this scrub removes dead cells and impurities to oxygenate tissues and make skin smooth and ready for subsequent treatments. Rinsing transforms the rich and dense consistency into a soft cream leaving the skin smooth and velvety. The intense colour livens up application and gradually lightens during the massage. The draining ingredients work together with the active fragrance to support detoxifying action. The fragrance is fresh and summery.

    The formula  - enriched with Scented Technology, the exclusive KIKO MAKE UP MILANO cosmetic discovery - helps stimulate skin microcirculation. The regenerating colours, consistency and enveloping fragrance are in perfect synergy and work with the active ingredients to stimulate a purifying action.

    Clinically tested.
    Hypoallergenic – formulated to ensure minimum risk of allergic reactions.
    Paraben free.


    - All those tested confirmed that the colour and fragrance gave a sensation of purifying action and lightness* 


    - All those tested confirmed that the texture is pleasant and gives a feeling of well-being  on both dry and wet skin**


    *Clinical-instrumental test conducted on 30 women who used Detoxifying Elastic Scrub for 30 days.

    **Self-evaluation test conducted on 30 women who used Detoxifying Elastic Scrub for 30 days.


    Apply with continuous circular movements over the entire body, firstly, on dry skin for an effective exfoliation focusing on rough areas. Next, use at the end of the massage on damp skin, making the most of the properties of the regenerating fragrance before thoroughly rinsing.


    Scented Technology is the exclusive discovery of KIKO MAKE UP MILANO. This revolutionary body treatment combines excellent active ingredients with sensor-stimulating and mood-enhancing elements. The carefully prepared combination was formulated to achieve the best results.


    The Detoxifying Elastic Scrub has a special formula with active ingredients which stimulate skin microcirculation when rubbed in as part of a massage. It contains marine salts which have a draining, exfoliating and detoxifying effect, and vitamin C, which is an energizing antioxidant. The marine fragrance is based on essential rosemary oil, which is renowned for its purifying properties. The colours blue and green are known to regenerate and rebalance tissues. They are also effective mood enhancers and encourage a general sense of well-being. The texture is like a soft soufflé; it exfoliates and cleanses the skin in a single action.


    The active ingredients, fragrance, colours and sensory-stimulating texture work in synergy to give high-performance results.


    The skin is purified, smooth, regenerated, and immediately brighter.



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  1. 30/04/2014


    Super !!!

    Je cherchais une nouvelle gamme de soins pour le corps quand je suis tombée sur ce gommage. Une odeur au top, une couleur supra Pep's, un petit prix, j'achète ! Au test, une texture surprenante mais très très agréable, très élastique à sec, qui se transforme en crème toute douce et hydratante mouillée. Un résultat surprenant avec la peau toute douce sans pour autant être agressée, PARFAIT !! Comme toute la gamme, il est impératif qu'il passe en produit régulier !
  2. 23/04/2014



    Este scrub é fantástico! Um cheiro maravilhoso e a pele fica um pêssego! Adoro
  3. 09/04/2014


    Un VRAii Gommage !

    Attirer plus par sa couleur et son odeur que pour son utilisation je me suis laisser tenter .. STUPEUR jamais je n'ais trouver un gommage efficace et doux a la foi ce produit et juste le meilleur de chez kiko ! Besoin de petite quantité pour grande surface pas besoin d'appuyer comme une malade et d'avoir une crampe au bout de 2 minute au rinçage la texture devient crémeuse ( le mieux est de se laver se sécher et faire le gommage ) et la peau et PARFAITE . Le produit vaut sont prix malgré que je les toujours prit en promotion je me suis obligatoirement laisser tenter par la promotion 2 pour 20 et 3 pour 30 pour me faire une réserve ! Passer ce produit en ilimité pour le bien de tous MERCi kiko
  4. 27/03/2014


    Una meraviglia!

    È davvero il migliore scrub che abbia provato! Lascia la pelle morbidissima ed idratata! Amore al primo utilizzo!!!
  5. 26/02/2014

    elena migliore scrub!!

    In assoluto un ottimo si segue i consigli di utilizzo funziona perfettamente e la pelle resta di un liscio incredibile.Consigliatissimo..appena ne avrò l'occasione lo regalerò alle mie amiche!!
  6. 06/01/2014



    Davvero un prodotto valido pratico piacevole e semplice da usare. lo ho gia ricomperato due volte, lo consiglio vivamente a tutte
  7. 04/01/2014


    Je surkiff ce produit !

    Une couleur original ! Une texture super ! Un rendu magnifique ! J'adore la texture mousseuse lorsque l'on masse .. cela irrite moins la peau ! L'odeur est pas mal non plus ! Une peau très douce ... un format génial ! Je racheterai ce produit c'est certain !
  8. 02/11/2013


    Une tuerie !

    Texture très agréable, odeur divine ! La peau ressort toute douce et fraîche. Excellent rapport qualité/prix étant donné qu'il ne faut pas énormément de produit pour tout le corps. Une grande contenance. J'adore ce produit !
  9. 04/10/2013



    Prodotto magnifico sotto ogni aspetto, dalla profumazione alla resa! Prima scrub e poi man mano che lo emulsioni si trasforma in una morbida schiumina che lascia la pelle levigata ed idratata!!! Voto massimo!!!
  10. 02/10/2013



    Appena provato e lo consiglio al 100%!! Ne basta poco e lascia la pelle morbida e levigata già dopo il primo utilizzo, confermo!!
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