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Light Legs Crackling Mousse

Light Legs Crackling Mousse

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    Light Legs Crackling Mousse.


    Soft, fresh, foaming mousse. A colourful and fragrant product, with an intense effect on the skin.


    This mousse provides an intense sensation of freshness that relieves tired, worn-out legs. The effervescent consistency makes it pleasant to apply. The smooth, crackling action releases refreshingly soothing springtime notes on the skin that make this an all-round sensory experience.


    The exclusive crackling action on the skin helps stimulate the surface microcirculation. The product also features and the Scented Technology.  , An exclusive cosmetic discovery by KIKO MAKE UP MILANO discovery, in which the in which the active a fragrance, ‘ice’ effect and colours work in synergy with the vasoprotective ingredients to help the decongestant action.


    Clinically tested.

    Hydration test*.

    Hypoallergenic – formulated to ensure minimum instance risk of allergic reactions.


    Paraben free.

    *Tested on 30 women who used the product twice a day for two months.



    - Skin is more moisturized after four weeks of use*

    -  All those tested confirmed that the colour and fragrance give the sensation of a fresh, anti-fatigue action**                                                                                                                                                                                                             - All those tested  confirmed that the texture with an immediate cold effect encourage a draining and anti-swelling action on the legs**

    - All those tested confirmed that the specific crackling texture encourages stimulating massage of the surface circulation**

    *Clinical-instrumental test conducted on 30 women who used Light Legs Crackling Mousse for 30 days.

    **Self-evaluation test conducted on 30 women who used Light Legs Crackling Mousse for 30 days.


    1. Shake the can well for about 15 seconds before use.

    2. Hold the bottle upside down, spray a little mousse into the palm of your hand and rub into the legs with light strokes working from the bottom upwards.

    3. Continue until fully absorbed: the crackling freshness of the mousse stimulates microcirculation and enhances the properties of the soothing fragrance.


    When used regularly, the mousse will become an extraordinarily relaxing moment at the end of each day.


    Scented Technology is the exclusive discovery of KIKO MAKE UP MILANO and revolutionary body treatment solution  combining excellent active ingredients with sensory, mood-enducing elements. It is a carefully prepared combination, formulated to achieve the best results.


    Light Legs Crackling Mousse is based on a special formula containing active ingredients that stimulate surface microcirculation and strengthen capillary vessels. These ingredients include blueberry and liquorice, which are vasotonic and protective, and escine, which is draining and vasoprotective. The delicate, floral fragrance contains essential geranium oil, known to act on skin microcirculation and combat the stagnation of liquids. The colour purple aids concentration while inducing a state of relaxation needed to rest and refresh the legs. The crackling texture has an ice effect, which provides immediate relief, and is pleasant to apply.


    The active ingredients, the fragrance, the colours and the sensory-stimulating texture work together to give high-performance results. 


    Tired and worn-out legs are immediately comforted.



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Reviews (3) a review
  1. 11/06/2013



    Non ho parole per quanto mi ci sto trovando bene! Molto rinfrescante, facile da utilizzare, simpaticissima da indossare, consente "ritocchi" durante la giornata portandosela in borsetta. La riacquisto di sicuro
  2. 22/05/2013


    Che buon profumo!

    Profumo paradisiaco e pelle veramente croccante e gambe più leggere!
  3. 23/04/2013



    L'ho comprata 2 ore fa e già provata sulle mie gambe stanche di ballerina di salsa....l'effetto freddo non l'ho sentito, ma la sensazione di leggerezza è certa e le gambe non le sento gonfie! Idem per i piedi....evvivaaa!!!